Group CCE InstaJob Features


The normal way of commissioning Group CCE to start work on your project is to contact us and let us see what we can do to help you out. However, if you already have a clear idea of what you need done, then the simpler, more efficient way of getting started is to use a Group CCE InstaJob instead.


A Group CCE InstaJob is a simple 1-minute work order for fixed-price, standard types of services. The InstaJob submission is quote, work order, contract and invoice all rolled into a 1-page form with all the details on it for us to start work. InstaJobs are perfect for a trial run to test the quality of our work, and can be purchased for as low as $2.


What makes Group CCE InstaJobs stand out?


Instant Acceptance

Subject only to international law and Group CCE’s Work Policy, all InstaJobs are accepted upon processing.


No Questions Asked

Group CCE InstaJobs are handled at arms-length basis. Whatever circumstances you intend to use our work in, you may – even if you are our direct competitor.


Quick Turnaround

All Group CCE InstaJobs have the following maximum turnaround times as standard:

-         5 working days for all Editorial Products and Services

-         2 working days for all Audio & Video Transcripts

-         20 working days for all Computer Configuration and Education callouts

Faster turnarounds are available at a surcharge.


Immediate priority

Group CCE processes work orders using a queue system. Priority is given to jobs (in descending order) as follows:

1.     Currently worked on projects

2.     Requests from regular clients | Secure InstaJob submissions

3.     InstaJob submissions

4.     Requests from ad hoc clients (deposit paid)

5.     Requests from ad hoc clients (no deposit paid)


No deposit required

Provided there is sufficient information to start work, Group CCE requires no deposit for InstaJobs, and will immediately start work on them.


Capped fees

InstaJobs include 2 major revisions and unlimited minor revisions with the one fee payable prior to delivery. Aside from weekend and public holiday surcharges, no other fees apply other than those already specified by the InstaJob.


Ad hoc work

InstaJobs are perfect for hassle-free, low-involvement small projects that you simply want to over and done with. Each InstaJob is processed on its own merits independent of any other InstaJob. However, for any individual piece of work, InstaJobs can be chained, and the cost of the lower-level InstaJob partially or fully credited towards the cost of the higher-level one.


Secure data storage

All details of InstaJobs (including file uploads) are stored on HIPAA-compliant server storage providers. Uploaded files are stored encrypted (but we certainly encourage you to further encrypt them if you wish – we will contact you by phone to establish secure communications by which you can send us the password). Secure InstaJobs are additionally encrypted in flight via SSL.



Ready to start a standard Group CCE InstaJob?


Group CCE InstaJob (Standard)


Need to secure Personally Identifiable Information, or meet regulatory requirements? Use Group CCE’s Secure InstaJob instead:


Group CCE Secure InstaJob (SSL/TLS)


Please note that all InstaJobs commissioned securely (using the SSL link above) have a minimum fee of $50. You can still use the form if you wish to ensure your details are securely transmitted, but we will charge you a minimum of $50, even if the calculated fee is lower.